Conference Days and collaboration

The Herrerias Association works to disclose, protect and recover the Mining Heritage of the Herrerias Mines, organizing various functions, conferences and meetings throughout the year and participating in others organized by different agencies.

We celebrate annually the memory of our historical miners with a fiesta held to coincide with the feast of St. Barbara, December 4.

Conferences in memory of our historical Miners

First Event on NMHM

2nd Conference on NMHM

3rd Conference of NMHM

IV Conference on NMHM

V Conference of Remembrance of our Historical Miners

VI Jornada sobre NMHM

VII Jornada sobre NMHM

VIII Jornada sobre NMHM

IX Jornada sobre NMHM

Andévalo Heritage Events

1st Andévalo Heritage Event

2nd Heritage Events of Andévalo

3rd Heritage Event of Andévalo

IV Jornadas de Patrimonio del Andévalo

V Jornadas de Patrimonio del Andévalo

VI Jornadas de Patrimonio del Andévalo

Volunteer Days

1st volunteer days

2nd volunteer days

III Jornadas de Voluntariado

IV Jornadas de Voluntariado

V Jornadas de Voluntariado

Other Events

SEDPGYM Event held at the University of Huelva

Presentation at the Meetings on Sustainability, organised by the newspaper El Correo de Andalucía

Conference Presentation at the College of Mining Engineers of Huelva, Seville, Cádiz, Badajoz, Cáceres and Canary Islands

Presentation of the new edition of the books "Physical description, geological and mining in the province of Huelva" 1886-1888 by D. Joaquin Gonzalo y Tarin

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