DR. FAUSTO LECHUGA GARCIA "A gentleman of generosity personified"

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Dr. Fausto Lechuga García. 'La generosidad personificada'

José Suárez Suárez

This book is dedicated to physician-surgeon Dr. Fausto Lechuga Garcia who worked in the Herrerías and Cabezas del Pasto mines between 1930 and 1935.
His professionalism as a doctor and his humanitarian ways made him win the admiration, respect and affection of his countrymen, and of the families of the miners at Herrerías and Cabezas del Pasto, a fact that was very evident at the time of his death.
Furthermore, Dr. Fausto Lechuga Garcia was a sensitive and cultured man, and a lover of art and literature, which is demonstrated by his continued contributions to literary and professional journals and newspapers of the time.
The book begins by describing how the author comes to know and admire this character who was so important in the history of Minas de Herrerías.
The prologue is by the President of the College of Physicians of Huelva, Dr. Juan Luis González Fernández.

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