The Heritage Centre of the "Herrerías Mines", at present located in the village of ‘Minas de Herrerias’

The Heritage Centre of Herrerías Mines, which was promoted by the association, was conceived as a cultural centre dedicated to the education and information of the field of mining and all related aspects of the Herrerías Mines.

The Centre is the embryo of our ultimate goal: the creation of a future Centre and Historical Archive, a place that combines a museum along with a library where we will be able to gather all documents acquired by the Association through generous donations to the Association.

The intention with the creation of the Centre of Culture is:

1.- Catalogue: Define each object or document that reaches the Association to record, understand, study and exhibit them.

2.- To Publicise and circulate to as many people as possible the activities of the Association.

3.- Attract new donations: For us to form a rich and varied heritage.

The Centre primarily intends to recover the historical and industrial heritage of Mining in the area. The Historic Past found from different pieces of with information and then divided into different themes such as:

- Ferrocarril del Guadiana
- The Sports Club of the Herrerías Mines
- Stewardship of Miners
- The Herrerias Association
- Historical Figures
- The Mining Towns
- Rehabilitation of the Pasto Cabezas Winch to Minas de Herrerias
- Our miners
- Photo Contest
- Events held in Memory of our Mining Blacksmiths
- Radio Programmes

Also the industrial heritage which exists because of the generous donations of items relating to our mining heritage. These various elements are consistently exhibited, each with its respective explanatory notes where we indicated its name, description, chronology, donor, etc. so that the visitor can easily understand by just seeing the object without needing the help of a guide.
Finally the Heritage Centre also has an area dedicated to documents, text, photographs, which are part of the future of the Association Historical Archive.

Location of the Centre

The Cabezas del Pasto Road
Minas de Herrerías
Puebla de Guzmán (Huelva)
Post Code 21559

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Introduction to Heritage Centre (PDF)

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