Asistencia sanitaria

In this section, the Herrerias Association aims to exhibit photographs related to the life, facilities, jobs, events, etc.. at the Herrerías Mine.
The photos are classified into several themes to facilitate your enjoyment.
We greatly appreciate the contributions of the public and photographs of friends and reletives, highlighting "Photo Gallery" of and Domingo Suarez Ribes.

College Certificate of the physician-surgeon Fausto Garcia, who practiced medicine in the mines of Cabezas del Pasto and Herrerías between 1930 and 1935
At the far end of the bottom row of houses in the neighbourhood of Botiquin is where doctors of the past had consulting rooms where they administered cures and hospitalized the wounded.
On the right, is the doctor of Cabezas del Pasto and Herrerías Mines, Juan Perez Sanchez. His companion in the photograph is Aurelio Sanchez Perez Perez with his uncle, Ignacio Benitez, the chemical analyst of the mining company

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