01 December 2012


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As in previous years, on dates near Santa Barbara festival, The Herrerias Association organized the V Conference Remembrance Day of our Mining heritage, with the cooperation of the town of Puebla de Guzmán and local associations: Women of Herrerías and El Foco’ (The Focus).

The event aims to spread knowledge about the famous architect D. Alejandro Herrero Ayllon, who designed and directed the construction of our beautiful mining town, and the ‘Federico Mayo’ neighbourhood. To discuss D. Alejandro, we have the help of the director of the Municipal Archives of Huelva, Dolores María Lazo and the Dean of the College of Architects of Huelva, Ms. Noemi Sanchis.

Also we were accompanied by D. Alejandro Herrero Molina, son of the D. Alejandro Herrero. We complete the V Conference with the presentation of the web site www.associacioherrerias.com and the inauguration of the Museum in Minas del Herrerias.

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