Jornadas de Nuestra Memoria Histórica Minera

The Herrerias Association organizes annually, close to the date of Santa Barbara, a workshop on our historical mines. This day was first held in 2008, with the Association of Women of the Herrerías Mine collaborating with José Suárez. Currently the Herrerias Association organizes this day with the help of other local associations and the Women of Herrerías and El Foco. Its cultural contribution is celebrated at the feast of St. Barbara. They intend to disclose the history of the Herrerías Mines with input from professors, researchers, scholars, etc., who are experts in this field.

First Event on NMHM

2nd Conference on NMHM

3rd Conference of NMHM

IV Conference on NMHM

V Conference of Remembrance of our Historical Miners

VI Jornada sobre NMHM

VII Jornada sobre NMHM

VIII Jornada sobre NMHM

IX Jornada sobre NMHM

X Jornada sobre NMHM

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